RP-120 Mini Rosin Heat Press - 300W, 2.8”, 110V/220V, Easy to Use


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The RP-120 mini heat press for rosin is an essential tool for home growers and DIY enthusiasts. This portable rosin heat press offers convenience and efficiency in extracting essential oils from your favorite herbs or plants. With a plate size of Dia 7cm (2.8”), it provides ample space for pressing small to medium-sized quantities.

Equipped with a digital controller, this mini heat press allows for accurate time and temperature readings, ensuring consistent results with every use. The solid aluminum heat plates provide even heating and a smooth surface, maximizing the extraction process.

Operating at a pressure range of 600 lbs and a time range of 0-999sC(32-482F), the RP-120 rosin heat press gives you full control over the extraction process. Its voltage options of 110V/220V make it compatible with various power sources.

Safety features include an anti-slip base that keeps the press secure during operation and a release handle that lifts when the pressing is complete.

If you're looking for the best heat press for rosin extraction at home, this mini heat press is the perfect choice. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it ideal for beginners and experienced extractors alike. Experience the convenience and high yield of this mini heat press for rosin in your extraction process.


Plate size: Dia 7cm (2.8”)
Pressure range: 600 lbs
Time range: 0-999sC(32-482F)
Temp range: 0-250°
Voltage: 110V/220V

RP-120 features a solid aluminum heat platen, ensuring even heating and a smooth surface.

heat press for rosin plates


Effortlessly connect the air plug and switch the heat plates with ease.


heat press for rosin air plug


Raise the release handle after pressing is complete.


heat press for rosin handle


Secure the pliers and controller box with the anti-skip base.


heat press for rosin safety base