700 Watt LED Grow Lights

700 Watt LED Grow Light: The Ultimate Solution for Your Indoor Plants

Full Spectrum for Optimal Growth
The 700 watt LED grow lights are designed with a perfect blend of warm and cool white light, along with a deep red 660nm wavelength. This combination is specifically tailored to support your plants throughout their entire growth cycle, from strong vegetative growth to abundant flowering.

Even Light Distribution for Better Coverage
These powerful grow lights provide even light distribution, covering an area of 5ft x 5ft during the vegetative stage and 4ft x 4ft during the flowering stage. This ensures that all your plants receive the light they need for optimal growth.

Customizable Dimming and Easy Control
With the 0-10V dimming feature, you can effortlessly control up to 100 light fixtures simultaneously. Set up on/off timing and create a natural sunrise/sunset transition to mimic outdoor growing conditions. Adjust the light intensity from 0 to 100% to cater to your plant's specific needs at different growth stages.

Versatile and Easy to Install
Whether you're a commercial grower using vertical farming methods or have a traditional single-level indoor grow room, the 700 watt LED grow lights are perfect for your setup. With universal hanging options, installation is a breeze.

Free Shipping in the US
As an added bonus, enjoy free shipping on your 700 watt LED grow lights anywhere in the United States.

Upgrade your indoor growing game with these powerful, versatile, and user-friendly 700 watt LED grow lights. Watch your plants thrive like never before!