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Commercial Indoor Plants Lighting

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Our warehouse in the US uses FedEx and UPS so your light gets to you in a timely manner. We guarantee that any item that is in stock in the US warehouse will be shipped out the same day that it is ordered, Monday-Friday.

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The warranty offered by Cultiuana is straightforward, hassle-free, and easy to deal with. Our 5-year warranty covers all quality-related defects for products sold directly by Cultiuana.

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We send products directly to your customer/friend discreetly, quickly and without any connection to Cultiuana. We do poppers dropshipping so you can sell our lights without having to stock your shop.

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Here at Cultiuana, we strive to give you just what you need to get your indoor gardening going. We’re a trusted horticulture company that has indoor grow lights covers. Whether you’re a home or hobby grower or you’re a commercial grower or a fixture distributor, we’ve got the best led grow lights for indoor plants that you need. We’re the best full spectrum led grow lights company you’ve been looking for!

We know that you want your new fixture ASAP, so we ship all online orders with Fedex/UPS for a quick and reliable service that arrives on time.
Plus, we offer free shipping for all US continental orders. Just place your order before 3 pm, and we’ll strive to get you some next day delivery! If you don't like your light when you receive, no problem, return it to us to get a full refund.

We also strive to make your experience as special as possible, so whatever attention and service you need, we’re here to provide. Cultiuana—the trusted brand for countless happy customers over the last 5 years.