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Air Pruning Pot has become an innovative technique of seedling cultivation that manages root growth. It stands apart from existing methods by its unique ability to prevent root decay or untanglement while increasing the thickness of lateral roots while shortening them over time.

ROOTZEN is one of our best-selling air pruning pots. Here are five benefits from our root control pots:

Root Control Design

A distinct root system permits the lateral roots of the plant to grow by 20-30 which makes the root system stronger and prevents root tangling or the development of rot.

Traditional seedling cultivation methods generally produce main roots that are long and weak in roots The root control technology offers solutions to stop this happening in container-based seedling cultivating, by encouraging small, strong lateral roots to grow more easily while limiting main root growth, thereby stopping root entanglement altogether.

Hole Design

Air pruning pots with holes will greatly enhance air permeability, making the design of each hole significantly more air permeable for the root system of seedlings to access oxygen for healthy development and longevity of seeds. Growing roots need oxygen; that is why the design of holes allows air circulation so they receive enough airflow so their root systems have enough of this essential molecule for survival and success. It will prevent their root systems from dying because of lack of air. It also improves longevity.

Next, the design of holes on an air pruning container offers superior drainage features to allow excess moisture to drain away, thus helping avoid excess build-up inside and thereby helping prevent root diseases that spread due to excess moisture build-up in containers. Furthermore, its ventilation holes help ensure adequate humidity within its pots for seedling growth in an ideal growing environment.

Promoting Root Growth

Because of the air pruning pot and the substrate utilized, the seedling's roots grow strong, storing sufficient nutrients to meet the initial requirements of planting while also meeting their rapid growth demands, creating optimal conditions for rapid growth and survival. Easy

Transplantation to ensure the survival of seedlings

Air pruning pots greatly reduce the damage to roots during transplantation which results in a remarkable rate of survival of 99.99% in normal conditions.

Labor Input and Cultivation Reduction by Using Root Control Pots

Utilizing this method of cultivating seeds using air root pruning containers improves the resistance to disease of plants which drastically decreases the cost of manual maintenance in subsequent maintenance actions.

Reduce Seedling Cultivation Period

Actual measurements and feedback from customers confirm our air pruning pots' distinctive hole design drastically reduces the time for seedling cultivation by over 50%.


  • The package includes 6 air pruning pots with a sturdy design.
  • Each pot features a robust base and assembles easily with three screws.
  • Dimensions: 12" x 12", providing ample space for your plants.
  • With a generous 5-gallon (21-liter) actual loading volume.
  • Crafted from thick and durable plastic walls designed with air-pruning small holes.
  • Air Pruned Pot Size: 30cm x 30cm (12" Diameter x 12" Height).
  • Base diameter: 12".
  • Assembly: The base and wall of the air-pruning pot are separate for easy self-assembly, and we provide all the necessary screws free of charge. Ensure that the side with holes faces outward for optimal performance.

dimension of air pruning pots


How to Choose Air Pruning Pots


Seedling Diameter (cm) Recommended Device Height (cm)
Less than 3 cm 30 cm
3-5 cm 40 cm
6-8 cm 50 cm
9-10 cm 60 cm
11-12 cm 70 cm
13 cm or more 80-100 cm



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We take pride in offering air pruning pots made from eco-friendly HDPE. This recycled material not only promotes healthy plant growth but also contributes to a sustainable and greener environment.

AIR PRUNING POTS recycled materials
Exceptional resilience, allows for easy bending without the risk of breakage, making them a durable choice for all your planting needs.
air pruning pots are easy to bend

ROOTZEN features large openings, ensuring efficient drainage and ample oxygen flow, providing your plants with a breathable environment and allowing excess water to easily escape.
air pruning pots with big holes
The bottom is equipped with drainage holes to safeguard against root rot, ensuring your plants thrive even during the rainy season.

The bottom is equipped with drainage holes
Fastened with perfectly matched screws, ensuring they are exceptionally sturdy and built to last, even under demanding conditions.



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