700 Watt Adjustable Spectrum LED Grow Light | Samsung Full Spectrum LED | UV IR LED Grow Light for 4x4 / 5x5 Tent | Cultiuana MJ-700


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The MJ-700 700W grow light provides a high amount of light (PPFD) evenly spread over a 5x5 foot area during the early growth stages and a 4x4 foot area during the flowering stage.

It's a full-spectrum light that helps plants grow strong and produce high-quality yields indoors. This light has a large, foldable frame with a unique design that spreads light evenly and efficiently, making it perfect for multi-level setups, small spaces, and grow tents.

Built for Reliable, Long-Lasting Performance

The MJ-700 700W is constructed with premium Josen drivers and the latest top-tier LEDs from Samsung LM281B LEDs and Epistar's 660nm, 730nm, and 395nm UV LEDs, providing a full-spectrum light ideal throughout their entire growth cycle.

It offers flexible control options, allowing you to connect up to 100 lights using an RJ45 dimmer controller.

Plus, the convenient dimming feature enables stepless adjustment of light intensity from 0% to 100%, and you can easily connect multiple units to create a customized lighting system that adapts to your plants' changing needs, from seedlings to full bloom.

Tailored Light Intensity with 3-channel Dimming

Take full command of your plants' light requirements with the 3-channel dimming system. This allows you to fine-tune the light intensity to perfectly suit each growth stage.

The 3 separate dimmers - VEG, BLOOM, and UV. The Veg knob adjusts the white light to 5000K at 320W, the Bloom knob adjusts the white light plus 660nm and 730nm to 3000K at 320W, and the UV knob adjusts the UV light at 25W.

The dedicated UV dimmer (395nm) is essential for boosting flower development and increasing valuable secondary metabolites like potency and terpenes but is only needed in the late flowering stage, so it's on a separate channel to avoid unnecessary use.

By adjusting these 3 dimmers, you can create 7 custom spectrum formulas to perfectly meet your plants' changing needs throughout their life cycle.

Durable, Efficient Design

The MJ-700 700W is made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum for long-lasting performance. It features a sleek aluminum finish with white end caps and highly efficient passive cooling, running 30% cooler than comparable models. This grow light is easy to install, maintenance-free, and never requires bulb replacements.

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MJ-700 700W LED Grow Light PPFD Chart


Cultiuana MJ-700 700W PPFD Chart

MJ-700 700W LED Grow Light Adjustable Spectrums 


MJ-700 700W LED Grow Light Adjustable Spectrums


MJ-700 Grow Light Fixture Specifications

Item Specification
Light Source 3000K/5000K/RED660nm/UV395nm/R730nm
Total LEDs 1664 pcs
Input Power 700W
PPE 2.6 umol/J
PPF 1820 umol/s
Input Voltage 110-277V / 1277-480V
Fixture Dimension 1060 x 1060 x 32mm
Fixture Weight 21 kg
Heatsink Density 2.0 g/watt
Operating Temperature 4°F-104°F
Dimming 0-100% dimmer knob, 0-10V RJ port
Smart Control Yes
Beam Angle 120°
CRI 92Ra
IP Rating IP65 for damp location
Lighting Coverage 4'x4' / 5'x5'
Mounting Height 8"_36" Above Canopy
Heat Output 2310 BTU/h
Lifespan 50,000 Hours