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Bring the outdoors in with our awesome LED Grow Light Track! This small led grow light is perfect for keeping your houseplants thriving all year round.

Shaped like a mini running track, this compact grow light is ideal for smaller indoor plants. Its modern design looks great in any space, blending right in with your home decor.

Powered by a simple USB connection, the 6W LED grow light provides full-spectrum lighting to give your plants exactly what they need to grow strong and healthy. Choose between a warm 4000K yellow light, perfect for most houseplants and herbs, or a pinkish white light that's awesome for succulents, seedlings, and carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps. With 50 bright LED bulbs, your plants will be soaking up all the good stuff!

Versatility is key with this grow light. Pick a 1-head, 2-head, or 3-head option, and you can even connect multiple units together for wider coverage. Nifty trays underneath let you place your plant babies right under the lights for optimum growth.

Setting it up is a breeze too! The built-in timer lets you pick 8, 12, or 16 hours of light per day on a 24-hour cycle. An on/off switch gives you full control. And with a 1.2m wire, you can position the light wherever your plants need it most.

Don't let your indoor plants struggle with lack of sunlight! Give them the light they crave with our LED Grow Light Track. Upgrade your plant game and see those green babies thrive!

Grab your LED Grow Light Track today and turn your home into a lush, plant-filled oasis!


Feature Description
Lighting LED
Material Zinc Alloy & PC
LED Amount 50pcs/head
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Single Head Power 6W
Head Size 260*90mm
Plug USB
Rings 1 / 2 / 3
LED Quantity 50 / 100 / 150
Power 6W / 12W / 18W
Input Current 5V2A / 5V3A / 5V5A
Lighting Range 35cm in length, 20cm in width
Suitable Distance From Lamp to Plant 5-20 cm
Switch 8h / 12h / 16h timing, 24h cycle, on/off
Life Time 50000h
Wire Length 1.2m
Colors Pinkish White / Sunshine Yellow
Package Size Single and Double Heads 31*13*3cm, Three Heads 34*13*5cm
Weight Single Head 354g, Double Heads 528g, Three Heads 736g




small led grow light for houseplant spectrum




Small Grow Light Track for Houseplants