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T8 Grow Lights

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T8 Grow Lights

What Is T8 and What Do T8 Grow Lights Do?


T8 is just a way to describe the size of those long, tubular light bulbs. The "8" means the tube is 1 inch across.

T8 grow lights are those same tube-shaped lights, but they are made especially for growing plants indoors.

Here's what T8 grow lights do:

  • Provide lighting for photosynthesis - They emit light in the wavelengths required for photosynthesis so plants can make food and grow.
  • Full spectrum light - Better T8 grow lights emit a full spectrum of light that includes blue, red, and other colors beneficial for various growth stages.
  • Vegetative vs Bloom spectrum - Some have the ability to shift the light spectrum for the vegetative growth stage or the flowering/bloom stage.
  • Low heat output - Fluorescent T8 tubes do not produce as much radiant heat as some other grow lights.
  • Energy efficient - LED T8 grow tubes in particular are very energy efficient compared to other lighting types.
  • Compact form factor - The long tubular shape allows for efficient coverage in a compact space like a grow tent or cabinet.

So in summary, T8s are just long, tubular grow lights that give plants the right colors of light to grow nicely indoors, without too much heat or electricity used. Their tube shape makes it easy to light up a spread-out garden area.