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When you grow plants, you might need to remove some leaves at the bottom or edges of the plant because they won't get enough light to grow well. This way, the top, and big leaves can get enough light to grow healthy. X100 supplemental lighting can help make up for any lack of light and ensure all the leaves can grow well.

This supplementary light is 100 watts and delivers 140 PPFD. You can put it above to strengthen your primary light or on the side and bottom of your grow tent to give more light to leaves in the shade.

The X100 has the same range of light as your full-spectrum LED grow lights. It can help grow plants on the sides at any stage. You can connect it to your primary light and use a timer to change the brightness of your plants. You can turn it on and off like the sun or control the light's strength for different growth processes. This supplemental light is great for indoor plants and can do everything.



Hang them horizontally or vertically in grow tents, or mount them on racks, at the side, or below.


cultiuana supplemental lighting hang vertically

cultiuana supplement lighting hang side in the grow tents



 The perfect full spectrum is available from seed to harvest, providing ideal photon emissions in every essential wavelength along the photosynthetic spectrum.

cultiuana x100 supplemental lighting full spectrum



The X100 supplemental light for indoor plants, carefully set for the right intensity, delivers just the right mix and amount of light energy from the top to the bottom of the plant.




Power: 100W/bar

Voltage: 100-277vac, 50/60Hz

Current: 1.6A @ 277vac | 3.8A @ 120vac

PPF: 1120 ųmol/s

Wavelength: Full Spectrum 

LEDs: white 384 pcs & red 660nm 96pcs

PPE (400-700nm):  2.8  ųmol/J @ 277vac | 2.75 ųmol/J @ 120vac


-Sigle Bar: 60*1080*30mm (2.36’’*42.52’’*1.18’’)

-Pack Size (4-bar): 1180*500*500mm (46.46’’*19.68’’*19.68’’)