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The CAL-1000 1000-watt adjustable spectrum LED grow light innovates indoor gardening. It is equipped with Samsung LEDs. It ranks as one of the best LED grow lights available today. It features cutting-edge LED technology and a spectrum specifically engineered to maximize your plants' harvest weight and overall quality.

This innovative vertical LED grow light is designed for indoor grow tents, providing high light intensity and uniformity across a 6'x6' footprint. With an impressive efficacy of 2.8μmol/J or 2800 μmol/s, our grow light ensures your plants receive a broader spectral diet, nourishing them with the light they need for robust growth and development.

The 1000-watt spectrum SAMSUNG LED grow light is uniquely adjustable, allowing you to create an unlimited spectrum tailored to your plants' needs. Three independent dimmers enable this customization. The 1st dimmer controls a range of 3000K-5000K Samsung white and 660nm red LEDs, offering a versatile spectrum for various growth stages. The 2nd dimmer adjusts the intensity of 730nm far red LEDs, perfect for promoting flowering and fruiting. The 3rd dimmer is for UV LEDs, which can enhance plant growth and disease resistance.

Featuring 10 swappable bars with easy-release clips, our LED grow light system promotes convenience and adaptability. It's a simple plug-and-play system, meaning no complex setups or installations are necessary.

The design of this product allows you to customize your spectrum for your needs, providing your plants with the ideal light recipe for every growth stage.



CT-1000 Tunable Spectrum LED Grow Light Specs

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