1000 Watt LED Grow Lights

What Are 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights?

1000 watt LED grow lights are specialized, high-intensity fixtures used in horticulture to mimic natural sunlight and promote plant growth. These lights draw an actual and full 1000 watts of power from the wall, ensuring robust illumination for your plants. Our models, including the CT-1000 and CAL-1000, feature a design with 10 lighting bars, each delivering 100 watts of power, to provide even light distribution and optimal growing conditions.

The CT-1000 is a foldable, 10-bar LED light fixture designed for efficient plant growth. It boasts 3000 white LEDs, consumes a true 1000 watts, and delivers a high output of 2800 umol/s, resulting in an exceptional efficacy of 2.8 umol/J. Ideal for both personal and commercial cultivation, it provides ample coverage for a 6x6ft area, supporting full-cycle, high-yield growth.

The CAL-1000 is a versatile LED grow light featuring adjustable spectrum capabilities with high-quality Samsung LEDs. It's tailored for indoor grow tents, delivering intense and even lighting over a 6'x6' area. The light's high efficacy of 2.8μmol/J, or 2800 μmol/s, ensures optimal plant growth.

It comes with three independent dimmers for spectrum customization: the first adjusts white (3000K-5000K) and 660nm red LEDs to cater to different growth stages; the second channel controls 730nm far-red LEDs to enhance flowering and fruiting; and the third controls UV LEDs to boost plant health and resistance to diseases.

What is 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights Good for Growing?

Firstly, many growers find that plants require very intense light during flowering, and these high-powered lights can provide that. Secondly, when hung from an adequate height, a 1000 watt LED can illuminate a wider area. This expanded coverage means fewer total lights are needed to light any given space.

Using fewer fixtures to light the same area saves growers money compared to lower powered lights that would require more units. In summary, 1000 watt LEDs offer the intensity for high yields and an efficiency that minimizes equipment costs.

How Much 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Coverage?

In specific situations, during the seedling/cloning stage, cannabis typically requires around 300 PPFD. Therefore, a 1000W LED grow light (calculated at PPE 2.8umol/J) can cover an area of about 9m², which translates to at least 900 plant seedlings.

However, during the vegetative stage, a plant requires about 0.09m², allowing for the coverage of at least 100 plants.

In the flowering stage, a cannabis plant typically needs about 0.25m², enabling the coverage of at least 36 plants. (The specific number of plants that can be accommodated during each stage depends on the strain and cultivation methods and can only be roughly estimated.)