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Introducing the CTC007 Smart Controller - The Ultimate Horticulture Companion

As a horticulture expert, you understand the significance of precision and control in your growth environment. The CTC007 smart controller is designed to elevate your gardening game by providing unrivaled adaptability and accuracy. This state-of-the-art controller allows you to manage multiple aspects of your grow space, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants' growth and development.

Featuring an intuitive interface, the CTC007 smart controller offers two main modes: dimming and spectral. With its ON/OFF switch and timer master control, you have complete authority over your lighting schedule. The system time display and set entrance allows for easy customization, and the real-time temperature and humidity data collection keeps you informed at all times.

The CTC007 smart controller takes precision to the next level with its power and PPF value settings. Adjust the power range from 0-1500 and the PPF value range from 0-4800, all while viewing the real-time values on the screen. Additionally, the controller offers channel brightness adjustments for up to four channels, allowing you to create the perfect lighting environment for your plants.

With the CTC007 smart controller, you can also set up to nine different timed segments for tailored lighting conditions. The controller's simulated sunrise and sunset feature provides a natural light cycle for your plants, further enhancing their growth potential.

Safety is a top priority with the CTC007 smart controller. Its temperature derating and over-temperature protection ensures that your plants are never subjected to harmful conditions. Plus, the output signal switching between 0-10V and PWM options guarantees compatibility with various lighting systems.

The CTC007 smart controller's custom spectrum display provides an accurate representation of your light source, allowing you to make informed decisions about your plants' lighting needs. With the ability to rename channels and remotely operate through the app, you can easily manage multiple grow spaces at once.

In conclusion, the CTC007 smart controller is the ultimate horticulture companion, offering unmatched control, precision, and adaptability. With this advanced controller at your fingertips, you'll be able to take your gardening expertise to new heights.

Invest in the CTC007 smart controller today and experience the difference it can make in your horticultural endeavors.


  • ON/OFF function for the smart controller
  • Timer master switch
  • System time display and setting
  • Temperature and humidity display (Celsius/Fahrenheit switchable)
  • Power and PPF value display and setting
  • Channel brightness adjustment (CH1-CH4)
  • Time setting (up to 9 segments)
  • Simulated sunrise and sunset setting
  • System settings, including real-time temperature collection, temperature derating, and over-temperature protection
  • APP control mode
  • Output signal switching (0-10V and PWM)
  • Channel renaming (CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4)
  • Output channel selection (ON/OFF)
  • Spectrum map display area
  • Display mode settings (custom-made spectrum)
  • Boot screen display (customizable)
  • Remote operation via app
  • 1 sensor is included


CTC-007 Diagram Connection

cultiuana led grow light control diagram connection

 Interface Mode 1


cultiuana led grow light control mode 2


 Interface Mode 2

cultiuana led grow light control mode 1


Timer Set

cultiuana led grow light control time set

Sunrise and Sunset

cultiuana led grow light control sunset and sunrise


HOW-TO-USE Video Explained