FreezeMaster Small Freeze Dryer - Household, Quick Operation, Stainless Steel, Auto Control


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FM3 3 Trays
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The FreezeMaster Small-Scale Freeze Dryer simplifies control and operation procedures to eliminate any risks of compromising the material's quality during the freeze-drying process.

Unlike other small freeze dryers, it minimizes the risk of material contamination and loss of moisture control during sublimation. Additionally, this model series offers programmable heating and temperature control functions that allow users to display the freeze-drying curve, making it simpler to monitor the material's drying process.


Small Freeze Dryer Main Features:


  • Instant start-up with pre-condensation on site;
  • Real-time temperature control with adjustable programs, displayed throughout the drying process;
  • Easily customizable temperature control programs, allowing for program parameter changes during operation for maximum flexibility;
  • Efficiently control and monitor the drying process with our advanced PLC system and user-friendly touchscreen interface;
  • Protect your data with adjustable password protection and easily access drying curves and stored data through our convenient USB interface;
  • Durable and easy-to-clean SUS304 stainless steel trays are used in the drying chamber, resistant to corrosion and deformation for long-lasting performance;
  • Equipped with temperature and vacuum protection systems, ensuring optimal equipment performance and drying efficiency;
  • Easily monitor the drying process with a transparent door made of colorless organic glass, providing clear observation of material changes throughout the operation.
  • Effortlessly control the freeze-drying process with fully automatic operation, offering program or vacuum mode options.
  • Effortlessly defrost your materials with our one-button function, making operation easy and quick.


What's Included:


1 x Freeze Dryer
1 x Vacuum Pump
1 x Vacuum Hose
2 x Vacuum clamp
1 x Instructions
1 x Qualification Certificate


cultiuana freeze dryer

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Model Type FM-3 FM-4 FM-6 FM-8
Freeze-Drying Area 0.1㎡ 0.4㎡ 0.6㎡ 0.92㎡
Tray Spacing 45mm 45mm 70mm 45mm
Tray Size 140*278mm 200*425mm 310*440mm 265*435mm
Number of Trays 3 4 4 8
Processor Capacity (KG/batch) 1-2 4-6 6-8 10-12
Cold Trap Temperature  40°C
Ultimate Vacuum Level Below 2 Pa
Water Catching Capacity 3KG/24H 4KG/24H 6KG/24H 10KG/24H
Pumping Rate 2L-4L/s 2L-4L/s 2L-4L/s 2L-4L/s
Cooling Method Air-cooling
Temperature Requirements 10-35°C
Relative Humidity ≤70%
Environmental Requirements Free from conductive dust, explosive, corrosive gases, and strong magnetic field interference
Operating Noise ≤60dB
Power Consumption 1100W 1500W 2000W 2300W
Dimensions (mm) 670*600*780 500*640*900 640*680*1200 640*680*1200
Net Weight  50KG 84KG 125KG 130KG
Packaged Dimensions (mm) 750*630*1120 840*630*1260 820*800*1540 820*800*1540
Packaging Weight 127KG 139KG 197KG 210KG
Power Supply Voltage 220VAC/50Hz, 110VAC, or 380VAC
Main Material SUS304