Extra Large Plant Caddy With Locking Wheels -X Large / Large / Middle Sizes Available


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SIZE: X-LARGE (inner dia: 17.32inch / outer dia: 20.24inch)
X-LARGE (inner dia: 17.32inch / outer dia: 20.24inch)
LARGE (inner dia: 15.47inch / outer dia: 17.83inch)
MIDDLE (inner dia: 13.54inch / outer dia: 15.75inch)

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Looking for a smart and stylish way to support your plants? Our extra large plant caddy with locking wheels is the perfect solution! Designed for both indoor and outdoor gardening, the functional caddy simplifies your green living experience. Enjoy effortless plant care with ease and elegance.

Features of the Extra Large Plant Caddy on Wheels:

High-quality PP Material:

Our trays are constructed using high-grade PP material that is both sturdy and appealing to the eye, they are molded entirely from a single material to ensure leak-proof use. Their elegant design adds a touch of generosity to any setting.

Dependable Stability:

Capable of holding up to 200 lbs, this tray offers reliable load-bearing capacity.

Universal Wheel Design:

The plant holder's universal wheels offer smooth, easy movement on any surface, whether it be indoor wooden floors or outdoor muddy terrain. With 360-degree rotation, they're perfect for quick turns and effortless navigation. With the added benefit of a locking function, you can easily lock the wheels whenever necessary.

Hole in the Center:

It features a built-in water drainage tray that prevents excess water from seeping into your floors and causing damage. The plant dolly also has a hole in the middle that allows water to flow into the tray and prevents plant roots from rotting. Additionally, the air can flow freely at the bottom of the pot, allowing your plants to thrive.

Pull-Out Sink:

Each plant dolly features an onboard pull-out sink at its base that captures any seeping water, making cleaning indoor plants simple and effortless. 

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Start living the green lifestyle right with an extra-large movable flower pot tray!

cultiuana study plant caddy on wheels

 cultiuana heavy duty plant caddy with locking wheels bottom drawer

cultiuana extra large plant caddy with wheels


For accurate measurements, make sure the bottom of your flower pot's outer diameter is 1.2-2 inches smaller than the inner diameter of our plant caddies.


X-LARGE: (inner diagram: 17.32inch / outer diagram: 20.24inch / height: 4.21 inch)


cultiuana heavy duty plant caddy with locking wheels x large size


LARGE: (inner diagram: 15.47inch / outer diagram: 17.83inch / height: 4.13 inch)


cultiuana heavy duty plant caddy with locking wheels bottom drawer large size

MIDDLE (inner diagram: 13.54inch / outer diagram: 15.75inch / height: 3.86 inch)

cultiuana heavy duty plant caddy with locking wheels middle size