HydroCropBox Automated Hydroponic Home Grow System - Vertical Grow Box, For Indoor Plants


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The HydroCropBox is a comprehensive hydroponic system that takes care of the growing process automatically in small indoor spaces. 

With no need for growing soil or experience, This compact hydroponic system features four shelves that provide enough space for growing a variety of plants, from leafy greens and herbs to juicy fruits and vegetables. 

Its user-friendly design makes indoor gardening hassle-free, even for beginners. Simply add water and nutrients, set the controlled environment, and let the box take care of the rest. It's never been easier to enjoy fresh, healthy produce right from your own home. 

We've included all the necessary components, such as water and air pumps, temperature and humidity sensors, grow lights, UV light sterilization, filter, aeroponics system, grow trays, controller, and app wireless connectivity, to make growing your own indoor plants hassle-free.

We're super super excited to finally launch this product. These boxes are in production now you can order yours today online or you can email our customer service and they can answer any questions that you might have about this awesome new product.


Dimensions when the door is open and closed


 Dimensions when the door is open

Dimensions when the door is closed


Category Description
Water Pump Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 50 Watts
Water Flow: 11.3 LPM
Water Pressure: 3.8 bars
Pump Head: 40m
Air Pump Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 5 Watts
Air Flow: 12 LPM
Grow Light 500-600 Watt Full Spectrum LED
Grow Height 58.7inches (149cm)
Tank Capacity 6.87 gallons (26 liters)
Net Weight 441 lbs (200 kg)
Screen 6.86" TFT LCD (Rectangular Screen)
Resolution 480*480
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Fan Rated Voltage: AC220V
RPM 2650-2750
Sensors Temperature Humidity Sensor
OS Compatibility iOS, Android