RP-110 Heat Press Machine For Rosin- 680W, 5 Ton, 110V/220V, 3''X5'' Plates, Hand Spinning


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The New RP-110 Rosin Heat Press is designed for the precise extraction of essential oils and more. This electric heat press operates with ease, and we're here to guide you through its exceptional features:

Electric Heat Press (Full Automatic): Experience the convenience of a full automatic electric heat press with the RP-110. Extracting essential oils and pressing tea leaves has never been this straightforward.

Dual Heat Plates for Even Heating: Our RP-110 is equipped with solid aluminum dual heat plates, ensuring even heating and a smoother surface for your extraction needs.

Digital Temperature Control: Take full control of your extraction process with the digital temperature control feature. Set the ideal temperature ranging from 0° to 482º F (0°-250℃) with ease.

Fahrenheit or Celsius Degree Measure: Choose your preferred temperature unit with a simple gauge reading, be it in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The choice is yours.

Unique Blue Color Digital Controller: The RP-110 boasts a unique blue color digital controller that enhances your user experience. Enjoy accurate time and temperature readings like never before.

Highly Identifiable Blue Display: Our distinctive blue light display sets the RP-110 apart in the market, ensuring easy identification and a touch of elegance.

Twist Handle for Extra Pressure: The RP-110 features a stainless steel twist handle with a unique twist design, allowing you to apply higher pressure when needed.

Solid Aluminium Heat Plates: Our heat plate is crafted from solid aluminum, ensuring more even heating and a smoother surface for your extraction processes.

With the RP-110 Rosin Heat Press, you have a reliable and user-friendly companion for all your essential oil extraction needs. Enjoy the power of precise control, even heating, and a touch of elegance in your extraction journey. Experience the RP-110 difference today.



Plate Size 6*12cm (2.4”x4.7”)
Pressure Range 5 Ton
Time Range 0-999s
Temperature Range 0-250°C (32-482°F)
Voltage 110V/220V
Electrical Specifications 110/220 Volt Options Available
Heating Plate Solid Aluminum Dual Heat Plates
Digital Temperature Control Yes
Gauge Reading Fahrenheit or Celsius Degree Measure
Gross Weight 10KG
Packing Size 51x40x54cm