Indoor Grow Tent | 120x120x200cm Grow Tent | 4x4 Grow Tent | Cultiuana LY-200 48"X48"X80"


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The LY-200 is a special tent for growing plants indoors. It has a strong metal frame, and the entire tent weighs 28.7 pounds. The tent is made from eco-friendly 600D Oxford cloth fabric lined with a highly reflective material called Mylar on the inside. The Mylar lining helps bounce light around so your plants get more light. The fabric exterior is designed to block all light from escaping the tent.

This indoor grow tent creates the perfect small environment for raising fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs year-round. It uses high-quality materials and has a good reputation from other users. The outside 600D fabric blocks smell and noise from getting out while also not letting any light in or out.

The front windows have mesh screens so you can let in fresh air without letting bugs get inside. There are also vents to allow airflow. The floor has two waterproof layers. This grow tent works well with 400W, 600W, T5, and LED grow lights.


Size: 48"(L)x48"(W)x80"(H)
Exterior Material: Heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth
Weight Capacity: 28.7 lbs.
Inner Lining Material: 100% highly reflective waterproof PEVA
Frame Material: Sturdy metal rods with connectors
Vents: Various vents for natural air
Floor: Double waterproof floor
Compatible With: 400w, 600w, T5, & LED grow light systems