Greenhouse Shuttle Carry Tray for Pots - 10 Pack, 9/12/15 Cells, For Moving Seedling Small Plants


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Using nursery pot carrying trays is essential for any flower shop, large garden, or greenhouse. Matching the size of the tray to the pot ensures efficient and secure transportation.

With these trays, you can easily move and organize soft nursery pots, saving valuable time. Our 9/12/15-cell holder trays can accommodate up to 90/120/150 pots at a time, and each package includes 10 pot-carrying trays made of durable plastic.

Sizes per 1 piece:

9 Cells carry tray can hold 4-inch pots and totally hold 90 pots

Length: 15.35 inch

Width:  15.35 inch 

Height: 2.76 inch

Planter Size: 4.25 inch 

Weight: 284g

Material: Polypropylene


12 Cells carry tray can hold 3.6-inch pots and totally hold 120 pots

Length: 16.73 inch

Width:  12.6 inch 

Height: 2.17 inch

Planter Size: 3.62 inch

Weight: 199g

Material: Polypropylene


15 Cells carry tray can hold 2.8-inch pots and totally hold 150 pots

Length: 17.91 inch

Width:  10.83 inch 

Height: 2.17 inch

Planter Size: 2.83 inch 

Weight: 169g

Material: Polypropylene