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If you are looking for a supplemental bar light to add UV spectrum to your grow, consider T50 UV supplemental grow light. 

This strip light can be incorporated into most of LED grow lights on the market. If you purchased our CT-800 LED grow light, you can easily bolt it onto the fixtures or hang it separately on the side of your grow tent to add the UVLED 395nm spectrum to your grow.

Studies show that UV light stimulates trichome production in plants, essential for producing essential oils and other important plant compounds. It can boost plant growth and development by triggering the manufacture of certain proteins in plants.

Just like we use sunscreen to protect our skin from sunburn, a crop's cells are defended against the damaging effects of UV light by activating its defensive mechanisms. These mechanisms trigger the production of resin-like substances that form a protective layer and shield the crop from harm.

If you want to give your plants the best chance at success, introducing UV supplemental lighting into your setup is an excellent idea. It will help them grow and produce better yields, but you will also end up with higher-quality end products.




Power: 50W

Voltage: 100-277vac, 50/60Hz

Current: 0.2A @ 277vac | 0.56A @ 100vac

UV LEDs: 25pcs

Size-Light Bar: L865*W43*H23mm (L34.06’’*W1.69’’*0.91’’)

Size-Single Light Bar Pack: L980*W105*H85mm (L38.58’’*W4.13’’*H3.35’’)

Size-Driver Pack: L170*W92*H73mm (L6.69’’*W3.62’’*H2.87’’)



cultiuana T50 UV bar spectrum


T50 UV Supplemental Lighting Bar Mounted On CT-720 LED Grow Light with K60 Far Red Lighting Bar


T50 UV Supplemental Lighting Bar Mounted On CT-720 LED Grow Light


Hanging With Your Full Spectrum 6/8 Bars Fixture


T50 UV Supplemental Lighting Bar hang with full spectrum fixture