LED Grow Light Controller | Grow Light Dimmer | Universal LED Grow Light Controller | Cultiuana CTC-008 Grow Light Controller For Single Grow Room - 0-10V, Sunrise & Sunset, RJ-14, Up to 30 Units


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CTC-008 is a budget-friendly, state-of-the-art environmental and irrigation control system, perfect for single-zone grow tents or a single grow room.

This professional-grade smart controller allows seamless control of your tent’s environmental parameters and irrigation schedule, offering features like mimicking natural light transitions, adjusting intensity during temperature changes, and regulating lighting schedules.

Equipped to power both HPS and LED grow lights (requires RJ ported ballasts), CTC-008 is versatile. It uses Rj ports for connectivity, enabling easy linkage of multiple grow lighting setups for unified command from a single hub.

The CTC-008's compatibility with all 0-10V lighting options via RJ-14 port provides advanced control over fixtures, replacing traditional timers and introducing numerous cutting-edge features.


  • Working with 0-10V.
  • Plug and play Easy operation.
  • Control up to 30 fixtures within a single room/a grow tent. (depending on the quantity of driver or ballast)
  • Auto dim and auto shutdown function.
  • 50% to 100% light dimming.
  • Auto Pilot by Daily cycle or Custom Cycle (Countdown)
  • Sunrise/Sunset feature.
  • 1 x temperature/humidity sensor included (RJ-14 Cable)


 What Included With CTC-008:

1 x Grow Light Controller
1 x 2-in-1 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
1 x Power Supply Cable and Adaptor for 5V DC Devices
1 x RJ14 Cable
2 x Screws

Grow Light Controller For Single Grow Room included contents