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Herb Dryer Machine

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Herb Dryer Machine

After harvest, newly cut plants are full of moisture and need to go through a drying process before being stored. There are several ways growers can dry their plants, such as by hanging them upside down, cutting the flowers off the plant, or using a herb dryer machine.

Herb dryer machines use heated airflow to dry buds using low-power convection technology.

Each of our herb dryer machines is equipped with heating elements, electric fans, air vents for air circulation, and food trays to lay your herbs on. The heating element, fans, and vents work together to direct hot air over the herbs, which accelerates surface evaporation and warms the herbs causing moisture to be released from their interiors. This process continues until the herb is dried to lower water content.

By reducing the natural moisture from the plants, you can effectively restrain various bacteria growth, which would otherwise spoil the plants. This not only helps to preserve the plant's flavor and aroma, but it also reduces the chance of moldy plants while allowing your stored bud to last much longer.