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Row: 9 Watt /One Row LEDs / 24"
9 Watt /One Row LEDs / 24"
12 Watt / One Row LEDs / 36"
18 Watt / One Row LEDs / 48"
18 Watt / Tow Row LEDs / 24"
24 Watt / Tow Row LEDs / 36"
36 Watt / Tow Row LEDs / 48"

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This GZ-100 T8 light is made specially for growing plants. Its light copies the same colors as real sunlight to help plants grow properly. 

The light lasts a long time before burning out. It focuses the light brightly onto the plants without making a lot of heat.

This precise lighting is good for all kinds of plants - succulents, flowers, veggies with leaves, and more. It helps the plants grow bigger, get nice vibrant colors, and survive better overall.

You can get this light in different lengths and brightness levels. Some have one row of light bulbs, some have two rows. The light covers help make the light super efficient.

The whole light is made from safe, tough materials. Overall, it gives plants a bright, healthy environment to grow their best.


About the GZ-100 T8 Grow Light

  • New Light: Gives plants the same warm, bright light as the real sun to help them grow healthy.
  • Long-Lasting: This sturdy light will work for your garden for many years.
  • Like Sunlight: The light matches natural sunlight very closely to create the best environment for plant growth.
  • Bright Light: The light is concentrated and colorful, so plants get plenty of the sunshine they need.
  • Stays Cool: Smart design prevents the light from getting too hot, so it can keep running smoothly.
  • Perfect for Plants: The lighting is specially made to give each plant the exact sunlight conditions it needs.
  • Prevents Over-Growing: Helps plants grow at a healthy rate without stretching out too much.
  • Activates Growth: Jump-starts new plant growth and increases their chances of surviving.
  • Natural Colors: Brings out the rich green of leaves and beautiful colors of flowers.
  • Even Lighting: Provides an even blanket of warm light over every part of the plant.
  • Saves Money: Energy-efficient design means lower electricity costs.

Which Plants The Light Is Good For

  • Succulents: Makes them more full and vibrant, preventing over-stretching.
  • Flowering Plants: Helps flowers bloom sooner, last longer, and have richer colors.
  • Leafy Greens: Enhances leaves to be greener and brighter, and promotes strong roots/stems.
  • Fruit Plants: Produces bigger, better-tasting fruits in higher amounts.
  • Vegetables: Increases growth speed and overall yields/quality.

About the Light

  • Sizes: Comes in 0.6m/0.9m/1.2m (24 inches/36 inches/48 inches) and 9W, 12W, 18W, 24W, 36W brightness.
  • Light Rows: Available with one or two rows of LEDs for different lighting levels.
  • Efficient Cover: A special cover provides plant-perfect full-spectrum light distribution.
  • Input Voltage: 175-265V
  • Lamp Material: Aluminum + PC


The LED plant lights utilize PC (polycarbonate) lamp holders that are flame-resistant, ensuring safety and durability. The flame-resistant PC material will not discolor over time.


The LED chips are equipped with optical lenses, which provide high brightness and evenly distributed light.


The lamp body is constructed from thickened aluminum, allowing for efficient heat dissipation.


These lamps are available in two versions: one with a double row of LEDs, and another with a single row of LEDs.


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