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Are your plants in the dim house not growing well? this small grow light bar is here to solve that problem! It provides optimal lighting conditions for herbs, spices, and other indoor plants, making it easy to grow lush basil and more after cooking up a delicious steak dinner.

This LED grow light bar is designed specifically for indoor gardening. It supplies supplemental light in the right spectrum, preventing stretching and promoting fuller, greener foliage.

We offer single-head, 2-head, and 3-head configurations so you can choose the perfect option for your plants' lighting needs.

Each head features 30 mixed-color, full-spectrum LEDs plus an additional 660nm red LED. This blend of lights provides the ideal balance of red and blue wavelengths to support healthy growth and better flowering. 

Choose between a warm 4000K yellow light, perfect for most houseplants and herbs, or a pinkish white light that's awesome for succulents, seedlings, and carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps.

Setting up is easy! Mount the bar on a tray, or for bigger pots, insert the support rod right into the soil. Adjust the light head height on the rod as needed. Move it closer if growth isn't ideal.

This grow light bar makes controlling the lighting environment effortless with 5 intensity settings and separate head switching. Plus, automated 8/12/16 or 24-hour light/dark cycle timers allow you to mimic natural daylight patterns perfectly tailored to your plants.

Don't let low lighting limit your indoor gardening potential! Order yours today and start enjoying a thriving indoor garden!


QI-101 Grow Light Bar Specifications:

Lights Type: LED
LED Quantity: 30 pcs
Spectrum: Full Spectrum
Plug: USB
Head Option: 1 / 2 / 3
LED Quantity per Head: 30 / 60 / 90
Power: 3w / 6w / 9w
Input Current: 5V2A/5V3A
Lighting Range: 35cm in length, 15cm in width
Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant: 5-20 cm
Life Time: 50000h
Colors: Pinkish White, Sunshine Yellow
Head Size: 260mm
Head Materia: Aluminum Alloy & PP
Base: 9*3 cm
Tray: 260*11cm
Switch: 1, On/Off Switch; 2, Timer Switch




QI-101 Grow Light Bar Spectrum


QI-101 Grow Light Bar Dimension

QI-101 Grow Light Bar Dimension


QI-101 Grow Light Bar Timing 

QI-101 Grow Light Bar Timing

QI-101 Grow Light Bar Dimming Level



QI-101 Grow Light Bar Package Include


QI-101 Grow Light Bar Package Include