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Style: 1 head
1 head
Color: Pink

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Your indoor plants need plenty of light to truly thrive. But when there's not enough natural sunlight, they can start looking sad and sickly. That's where our special USB small grow light comes in!

This small LED grow light is also proven to support any houseplant that needs a boost of supplemental lighting, guaranteed to keep your green friends alive and thriving, no matter where you place them in your home!

Powered by full-spectrum, flicker-free LEDs, this compact light simulates the warmth and nourishing rays of the sun. It's designed to promote lush growth, enhance vibrant colors, prevent leggy stretching, and even extend the flowering period of your indoor plants.

This versatile grow light is available in one-head, two-head, and three-head options, so you can decide which configuration best fits the needs of your houseplants.

What Makes The Small Grow Light Great:

Compact and Adjustable: This circular LED light is perfect for small houseplants like succulents, mini bonsai, and petite greens. Its acrylic support rod allows you to adjust the height, ensuring optimal illumination just 6 cm above your plant's canopy.

Full-Spectrum Array: Our grow light provides a quick recovery for light-deprived plants, keeping them healthy and alive up to three times longer!

Dimmable and Automated: Choose from 10 dimming levels, and set the light to run automatically for 8, 12, or 16 hours per day, tailored to your plant's needs.

Two Color Options: The sunny yellow light promotes vigorous foliage growth for houseplants, herbs, and countertop micro-landscapes. The pinky-white light enhances vibrant colors in succulents, carnivorous plants, and seedlings.

Easy Installation: For small plants, use the included base to elevate them towards the light. For larger specimens, simply insert the pole into the soil and adjust the lamp's position.

USB-Powered Convenience: With its low-voltage USB power source, you can easily run this energy-efficient grow light using a power bank, laptop, or computer.

Don't leave your houseplants high and dry! Give them the bright, artificial sunshine they crave with our USB-powered grow light - available in sunny yellow or pinky-white. Order yours today and let your plant babies flourish!

Feature 1 Head 2 Heads 3 Heads
Material Zinc Alloy & PC Zinc Alloy & PC Zinc Alloy & PC
Number of heads 1 2 3
LED Quantity 20 40 60
Power 3W 6W 9W
Input Current 5V 2A 5V 2.5A 5V 3A
Lighting Range Φ25cm circle Φ25cm circle per head Φ25cm circle per head
Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant 5-20cm 5-20cm 5-20cm
Timer Settings 8h / 12h / 16h 8h / 12h / 16h 8h / 12h / 16h
Timing Cycle 24h ON/OFF 24h ON/OFF 24h ON/OFF
Estimated Lifespan 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Color Options Pinkish White, Sunshine Yellow Pinkish White, Sunshine Yellow Pinkish White, Sunshine Yellow


QO-302 Small Grow Light for Houseplants Spectrum


QO-501 Small Grow Light for Houseplants Spectrum

QO-302 Small Grow Light for Houseplants Dimensions

(cord: 47.24" long)

QO-501 Small Grow Light for Houseplants Dimensions