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Air Pruning Pots

What Are Air Pruning Pots?

Air Pruning Pot is an innovative seedling technology that regulates root growth to effectively prevent root decay and primary root entanglement, creating thicker yet shorter roots while simultaneously eliminating those which become entangled, thus breaking through conventional container cultivation which relies upon root entanglements for seedling growth.

Air Pruning Pots: Basic Concept

Air pruning pots utilize air pruning technology. When seedling roots come in contact with inner walls or small holes of the container, their root tips cease growing while new roots sprout behind these stopped-off root tips and begin their own journey of growth. This cyclic process increases thicker and shorter lateral roots while inhibiting main root development to avoid creating complex root systems.

How Do Air Pruning Pots Work?

The air pruning pots have a special film layer on the inner wall, and the container side walls are alternating convex and concave, with holes on the outer top. When the seedling roots grow outwards and downwards to touch the small holes on the side walls or any part of the inner wall, the root tip stops growing. Then three new roots grow outwards and downwards from the root tip. This cycle repeats when they touch the small holes on the side walls or any part of the inner wall, they stop growing again and three new roots grow from the root tip.