Indoor Growing Setup (Question & Answer)

Indoor Growing Setup (Question & Answer)

 indoor grow setup


The person is discussing their indoor growing setup, specifically the lighting system they are using for their plants. They have two HLG 240 48AB drivers, and each driver is typically used to power two LED boards. However, they are currently using only one driver to run all four boards.

They mention that their growing space has limited height, as shown in the picture they referenced. They recall that during their last grow, which was four years ago, they used a single 240-watt LED fixture and were satisfied with the results.

The customer is asking for advice on whether it would be advantageous to use both drivers to power the four boards instead of just the one driver they are currently using. They note that their plants are doing "OK" but are a bit small and behind in growth, which they attribute to their lack of time and difficulty maintaining consistent temperature and relative humidity (RH) levels.

In essence, they are seeking guidance on whether using both drivers would improve their growing conditions and potentially lead to better plant growth, despite the other challenges they are facing with time constraints and environmental control.


Using both 240 48AB drivers to power your four boards could potentially offer several benefits to your grow setup, especially considering your concern about the plants being a bit small and behind in growth.

Here's why:

Optimal Light Distribution: Running all four boards with just one driver might be limiting the amount of light each board can emit. By using both drivers, you can ensure that each board receives adequate power to operate at its intended capacity, leading to better light distribution and intensity.

Improved Plant Growth: Adequate lighting is crucial for the photosynthesis process, which directly impacts plant growth and health. By optimizing the light each board emits, you could see an improvement in plant size and overall health.

Energy Efficiency: Although using both drivers means consuming more power, it could actually be more energy-efficient in the long run. If the plants receive optimal light and grow better, the overall efficiency of your grow operation could improve, potentially leading to better yields.

Heat Management: Depending on how your system is set up, using both drivers might help with heat distribution. LED lights do generate heat, and running four boards off one driver could potentially concentrate heat in a smaller area. Using both drivers could help spread out the heat generation, which might be beneficial given your restricted height and the challenges you've mentioned with maintaining consistent temperatures.

Given your situation, it might be worth experimenting with using both drivers to see if there is a noticeable improvement in plant growth and health. However, keep in mind the importance of monitoring temperature and humidity levels closely, as changes in your lighting setup could affect these environmental factors. Additionally, consider the layout of your grow space to ensure that the light from the boards is evenly distributed across all your plants.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on a balance between the potential benefits of improved lighting and the operational costs and efforts required to maintain the optimal growing environment for your plants.