Equipment Needed to Grow 2 Plants Indoors

Equipment Needed to Grow 2 Plants Indoors

Do you want to get some recommendations on some equipment needed to grow two plants in your apartment?

Whether you’re a first grower or an experienced one, our updated equipment checklist for growing 2 cannabis plants indoors will light your path!

This guide covers all essentials from grow tents to LED grow lights, ventilation systems to timers, and much more. We’ve also included optional but highly recommended gear.

Remember, every grow journey is unique, so adjust as needed and consult experienced growers for personalized advice. Let’s dive in and let those green thumbs work their magic!
(Note: Always follow local laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation.)


Equipment Needed to Grow 2 Plants Indoors:

  • Grow Tent: 3x3ft or 4x4ft, reflective or with Mylar lining.
  • Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light: Choose based on tent size and desired PPFD: 3x3ft tent: 250-350 watts, high PPFD efficiency (>150 µmol/s/w). 4x4ft tent: 400-500 watts, high PPFD efficiency.
  • Ventilation System: Fan/filter combo or separate components to maintain air circulation and temperature/humidity control.
  • Timer: Automates light cycles (18/6 for flowering, 12/12 for vegetative).
  • Growing Medium: Soil (e.g., FoxFarm Happy Frog), coco coir (e.g., Canna Coco Professional Plus), or hydroponic system.
  • Pots and Trays: Fabric pots (3-5 gallons) with plastic trays for drainage.
  • Nutrients: Specific formulas for vegetative and flowering stages (e.g., General Hydroponics FloraGro/FloraBloom).
  • pH Meter and TDS Meter: Maintain pH (6-6.5) and nutrient concentration (TDS 800-1200ppm).
  • Hygrometer and Thermometer: Monitor temperature (70-80°F) and humidity (50-60%).
  • Pruning Shears: Trim leaves for better light penetration and airflow.


Optional but Recommended:

  • CO2 Enrichers: Boost plant growth, consider CO2 bags or regulators for enclosed tents.
  • Humidifier/Dehumidifier: Adjust humidity as needed, especially during seedling stage.
  • Spray Bottles: Useful for misting and foliar feeding.
  • Growing Guides and Resources: Read books, online guides, and forums for in-depth cultivation knowledge.


This is a basic list, your specific needs might vary. Research, choose equipment based on your budget and space, and don't hesitate to consult experienced growers for guidance.

Start with slightly lower wattage than recommended and adjust gradually. Overlighting can stress plants.

Prioritize PPFD efficiency for optimal light utilization and energy savings.
Important Note: Growing cannabis may be illegal in your area.

Please research and follow your local laws and regulations before attempting to grow cannabis.

And there you have it – your comprehensive guide to setting up your indoor cannabis garden for two plants. Remember, quality equipment is a worthy investment for a successful grow.

Always monitor and adjust your setup based on your plants’ needs and don’t hesitate to seek advice from experienced growers. With patience and care, you’ll be on your way to lush, thriving cannabis plants.

Last but not least, always ensure your activities are in compliance with local laws and regulations. Happy growing!