What Color Light is Best for Flowering?

What Color Light is Best for Flowering?

For indoor plants to flower and grow buds properly, they need a certain type of light color. The best light color for flowering is more on the red and orange side.

During the flowering stage, your plants will do best with lights that give off a reddish-orange glow. This reddish light helps the buds get bigger and produce more resin (the sticky stuff).

However, a small amount of blue light can be beneficial during flowering, but it should make up a much smaller portion compared to the red/orange wavelengths. Here's a little more detail:

Red/Orange Light (600-700nm)
  • This is the most important light spectrum for flowering
  • Promotes bud formation, size, and resin production
  • Should make up the majority of the light spectrum

Blue Light (400-500nm)
  • A small amount can help, but too much will delay flowering
  • Assists with plant metabolism and stem strength
  • Around 10-20% of the total light spectrum is typical

So for flowering, you want lights that are heavy on the red and orange colors in the light spectrum. Good options are LED grow lights or high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. These give off that reddish light that flowering plants love.

Some growers use metal halide lights for vegging and then switch to HPS for flowering to get more of that red spectrum light. LED lights that let you adjust the ratios of red, blue and white light can also work well.