How Many Plants Can a 100W LED Light Grow?

How Many Plants Can a 100W LED Light Grow?

With a 100 watt LED grow light, the number of cannabis plants you can effectively grow depends on the growth stage:

For seedlings/clones: The light can support around 10-20 seedlings or clones because they have low light needs at this early stage.

For the vegetative stage: As the plants grow bigger, they require more light. During this stage, a 100 watt LED light is suitable for about 2-4 plants.

For the flowering stage: Flowering cannabis plants need the most light for proper bud development. It's best to limit the 100 watt LED light to only 1-2 flowering plants to ensure they get enough light.

So in simple terms - for seedlings, you can grow around 10-20. For the vegetative stage, grow around 2-4 plants. And for flowering, stick to just 1-2 plants under a 100 watt LED light.

Tip: If you have more plants, you can move some to a larger grow tent with a stronger light (like a 500w) when they start flowering. This will give them enough light to grow big, beautiful buds.