72 Cell Seed Starter Trays - 10 Pack for Seed Propagation with Drain Holes, Reusable Seed Planter Trays


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Do you plan on starting seeds, cultivating succulents, or growing vegetables from scratch? Our seed starter trays are here!

If you want to create the ideal garden environment from the beginning, our 10-Pack Seedling Tray can help make that possible!

The 10-pack seedling tray with 72 cells in each tray and a 1.8-inch diameter, has been made specifically to help start flowering plants or herbs as well as vegetable saplings such as cucumbers and tomatoes. 

With the ability to grow your seeds indoors using LED grow lights, our unique tray layout makes it easier than ever to embark on your journey to create your dream garden.

Sustainable and long-lasting materials - We've designed our product made of PET that is environmentally sustainable and green. The material is not just sturdy and flexible but is not contaminated by any smell. The trays we use can be reused and reused several times over and are a great cost-effective alternative for the growth of seedlings.

Innovative Root Growth Technology - The seedling tray is equipped with cutting-edge technology that encourages healthy growth of the root and avoids problems like the entanglement of roots and root rot, which results in stronger, more robust seeds.

Continuous and efficient germination - Our tray systems ensure the same growth and development throughout and promote healthy and consistent plant growth while reducing seed use and costs for production.

The Optimal Drainage Systems - These trays come with an appealing design that is complemented by well-placed drainage holes which allow for effective water drainage as well as preventing the accumulation of waterlogged soil which could hinder plant growth.

Flexible but Sturdy Construction - The product's robust yet flexible construction can stand up to damage and wear while encouraging healthful plant growth. It creates the perfect environment to encourage seedling growth and was specifically designed to promote the germination of plants.


Package includes: 10 Pack seed tray(72 cells per tray, 720 cells in total)

Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds

Dimensions: 21.3"D x 11.02"W x 1.8"H

dimensions of seed starter trays

72 cell seed starter tray