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Adjustable Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The LED grow light industry kept improving with time and delivered many innovative solutions to trigger the growth of indoor plants, especially for hydroponics and greenhouse culture.

Generally, variable spectrum LEDs prove more advantageous for indoor growers due to the liberty of spectrum control, aside from being full-spectrum.

Common LED lights offer a light spectrum between 380 nm and 800 nm. Since the sun provides the best source of light that could meet the real needs of light due to the varying densities and frequencies, Cultiunana, as an adjustable spectrum LED growth light manufacturer, also try to hit the same milestone.

Our light intensities in the offered lights also remain the same, but, 3 channels adjustable spectrum allows the growers to meet the demands of their plants during different growth periods.

When the sunlight restricts some growers from taking full advantage of light due to shorter day lengths in their areas or the growing environment, adjustable full spectrum growth lights can help them to achieve their yield potential more effectively.

The plants always remain selective while utilizing lights during different stages of their growth, and the spectrum control phenomenon never hinders them from making food through photosynthesis and carrying out other physiological processes.

Adjustable spectrum LED grow lights can address the lighting needs with the bandwidth that is distributed through 3 channel switches that ensure the undeviating distribution of photons for the seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages of the plants.

Unmatched benefits and advantages that Adjustable Spectrum LED Grow Lights offer includes;

Superior Heat Sinks

These lights are installed with superior heat sinks, which increase their lifespan and keep your growing environment cooler for longer. The result is a triggering plant’s growth and healthy harvests.

Easy Handling

These fixtures are easy to handle, transport, and install, and the growers don’t need the assistance of an expert while installing them in their grow rooms.

Adjustable Spectrum

These lights offer an adjustable spectrum with three easily adjustable channels, and hanging them is made possible with a daisy chain. Once the lights are hung with a daisy chain, there is no need to adjust the hanging height; simply select the vegetative, bloom, and UV switches to control the light blend your plants need for the colossal growth they deserve. 

Energy Saving & Performance

Contrary to standard LED lights, adjustable spectrum grow lights could save you more on electricity costs while their performance is unrivaled. The greatest and crispiest harvests these lights offer are the rewards for the growers, making them their top selection.